20. September 2015

Most beautiful City I've ever seen / PERTH

Early in the morning and off to the airport. My next destination was Perth on the 9th of January.
A flighttime of 4hours is a long time but I',m used to it after traveling in a bus for 16hours or a flight of 24 hours. I was so excited to see Perth, Western of Australia. As I arrived at the airport on midday I was complety amazed about the city. It really annoyed me that I just stay 4 days here.

Staying in the YHA Hostel in the city of Perth was a really good idea. A huge Hostel with friendly staff and a lot of leisure facilities, ohh and not to forget a swimming pool :D Definitely recommend it. I booked a 6 dorm room just with girls and in my opinion it was a bit too small and of course we all knoe hoe girls can be and some of them were so messy.. horrible. The room was too hot and with the aircon too cold xD But for 4 days it is ok. If you would saty a week or more i would prefer a bigger room or just a 2 dorm room or less.

On my first day I was so surprised about everything and I just walked through the city, shopping, eating and exploring everything I coul reach on foot. I went back after 2 or 3 hours.. needed some rest. I organised some things in my room and packed out my clothes to wash the dirty stuff. After washing I took a shoppingbag to buy some food and water. Hmm I guess I cook some pasta haha like everyday, I like Pastaaaa, so weird:) cookies are so good here and also Tim Tam's is something I buy everytime when I go shopping! So i do not really want to tell alll of you abou my cooking skills hah It was good but not a gourmet menu haha xD time to go to my room and read a bit in my book. Off to bed and sleeping cause tomorrow I've planned something AMAZING :D Swimming with wild dolphins in Rockingham. Absolutely a dream of my life. Looking forward..so excited. Good Night Cuties!

  10th January 2015

Woooowww what a crazy day. First of all, picking up from the guides of the Rockingham Wild Encounters.
They told me to wait near my hostel but I was waiting at the wrong place. They had to phone me where I am waiting xD then we drove 1h hour I guess cannot remember anymore. The guieds told us some things about dolphins and what we are doing today. We arrived at the beach 1 hour later to grap our swimsuits and snorkeling equipment. Later we went to the boat. 4 groups of 7 people...The equipment was marked with different colours. Each group went 2 or three times into the water to look after dolphins. The other groups were a bit luckier, they saw 5 dolphins and 2 baby dolphins. We also saw dolphins but just 2. But in the end the experience and all was so amazing and I was so happy to see the first wild dolphin in my life :D One of my best days ever here in Australia. I always remember that day. After 3 hours on the boat we wen t back to the car and drove back to our hostels or hotels. I took my GoPro with me and i made a video. You cannot see a lot but I made some great pictures in the end! AMAZING DAY, Thanks Australia!

11th January 2015

Well today a relaxing day. I went to Penguine Island with a cool lady from our Hostel. She's staying in the same room as I and she's also from Switzerland but from the French part. Was a really nice day on the small island and we saw 2 penguins :D they're so cute. Relaxing on the beach, snorkeling and swimming. Perfect day to enjoy the weather:)

12th January 2015

 Let's talk about that day.... just went shopping and looking around in the city;) On the 12th I booked a tour to Rottnest Island. :D I took the ferry early in the morning to Rottnest Island, 1 hour or more. Then I hired a bike on the island to explore all the beautiful beaches. It was definitely too hot with the bike. Oh I forgot, I also hired the snorkeling eqipment:) I was on my own so I could go wherever I want to. And nobody is complaining or something else.It was a tough day but worth it. The island is so beautiful ad stunning. Never saw an island like that. If someone is planning to go to Perth, you have to go to the island :D If I could I would stay there forever. I guess that is all and I hope you like my pictures :D Tell you more about my adventure soon. Soorry, but I haven't time to write my blog constantly after Traveling. And I did not had th motivation to write cause I really miss everything about this country. But I'll write about my next destination as sson as possible.

                  In my opinion Western Australia ist the most beautiful place I've ever seen ♥

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