18. Oktober 2015

Darwin to Alice Springs

14th January 2015

Taking the Greyhound bus from Darwin to Alice Springs is much cheaper than a flight but  a long long way. We spent 21 hours n the bus, just terrible. Couldn't slept and it was raining a lot and there was a leak on the top of the bus.. water everywhere haha wasn't that comfortable. To be honest...If you have enough money take a flight to Alice Sprigs hahah taking the bus without a stop is a noooo goooo !!! We arrived in the morning in Alice Springs on the 15th of January. So happy to rest in the hostel. The hostel I was staying at was really nice and there was a swimming pool :D yeahhh (Alice's Secret Travellers Inn) I definitely recommend it to everyone.

15th January 2015

Today I was walking through Alice Springs and went to the Anzac Hill Lokout. A really nice view and everyone should go there if you have time :) The rest of the day I was looking for souvenirs and after that I went to the hostel to relax  at the pool and sunbathing of course;)

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