12. Juni 2015


After more than a week in Cairns it is time to say goodbye and hello Darwin. My flight was on the 6th of January in the morning. Wasn't that long but I was glad when I arrived in my hostel (YHA) always a good choice staying in a YHA Hostel. Hmm Darwin let me think.. it is not that big and beautiful as I thought but I explored a few things in the city, walking arund and shopping. The weather in Darwin is really humid.. too humid for me. Actually I booked a tour to he Nationalparks but they didn't had enough space cause i booked too late. But one week just to stay here in Darwin is a bit boring when you cannot go on a tour. So i booked a flight to Perth for 4 days and then back to Darwin cause I take the Greyhound bus in a week to Alice Springs:) I don't have a lot to say about Darwin, i don't really like this place so it is a very short post about that destination. Sorry for that but the next one will be better, I promise;)

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